Diesel Slump Continues

New Car Sales Market Continues to Slide The UK car sales market is still shrinking. Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have confirmed the damage year on year. Total new car sales are down to 2.37 million, equivalent to a 6.8% drop over the previous 12 months. Diesel hit Worst hit was diesel; the fuel type saw a 29.6% fall in 2018, that volume loss is equivalent to around 180% of the market's drop. December also marked the 21st month that diesel sales were down. The 'dirty diesel' wheels keep on turning, not helped by the lack of clarity from government and car manufacturers alike. This withdrawal from diesel is no doubt going to harm [...]

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Cost Effective Vehicle Leasing

We Compare the Long and Short-term Leasing Options The cost-effectiveness of leasing a vehicle largely depends on who you lease it from, the terms of the agreement and what you compare it to. Leasing a vehicle Leasing a vehicle can have significant advantages over outright purchase, not the least of which is that large amounts of capital don’t have to be committed and can be preserved for other uses. Budgeting is easy, as the payments should remain the same throughout the term of the agreement. There are other considerations, however. Long-term leases Traditional leasing agreements usually run for a minimum of two years, most often three and sometimes four years or longer. When you have known vehicle and accounting [...]

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Fleet Predictions for 2019

The Fleet Agenda for 2019 2018 was seen as a year of unprecedented change and uncertainty in the fleet world. Many will be hoping that that the beginning of the new year marks a change in that climate and a return to some level of stability and normality. In this post we take a look at the key topics and issues that are likely to characterise 2019 for fleet operators, and whether this year will prove any less challenging.  Brexit One topic that could impact on almost all areas of UK business life, including fleet provision, is Brexit. While the uncertainty of 2018 continues unabated, there are a number of things that fleet decision-makers can and should be considering [...]

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Messages from Outer Space

Today’s Cars Rely Increasingly on Satellite Technology Modern cars are increasingly relying on messages from outer space to keep drivers abreast of the latest developments on the roads ahead of them. The latest technologies, such as satellite navigation, rely on real-time messages beamed back to earth from an army of satellites orbiting the planet, which ultimately help keep drivers better informed than ever before. The newest technologies are available in the ‘connected’ car of today which gives drivers access to a whole host of information that would have seemed unthinkable only a few years ago. What is a connected car? The term ‘connected car’ is one that is becoming widely used and increasingly commonplace. Basically, a connected car is [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Driving at Christmas!

Driving Home for Christmas? Stay safe on the roads this festive season with our top tips Christmas is meant to be a joyous time of year with peace on earth and goodwill to all. But driving over the festive period can present a number of challenges, with more police patrols and increased levels of drink-driving, inclement winter weather, congested roads and longer journeys than normal - to name but a few. Here’s our guide to successfully navigating through the potential pitfalls of driving during the festive season. Drink driving – don’t do it! More than half a million drivers are stopped and breathalysed each year by the police, with more breath tests carried out in December than other months. [...]

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Windscreen Replacement Getting More Complex

Driver Safety Systems Make Windscreen Replacement More Complex – and Costly!   One of the most recent trends in the new car market has been the increase and popularity of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which can be invaluable in helping warn drivers of oncoming dangers. Due to their many safety benefits, ADAS technologies feature as standard in many new vehicles, and the uptake of ADAS across corporate fleets has been much faster than in the UK car parc in general, as fleets tend to purchase the newest vehicles. Recent research by windscreen specialist Autoglass showed that 7.5% of all windscreens replaced now require ADAS calibration, but that for the fleet industry it was closer to 30%. However, the speed with [...]

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HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates

HMRC increases Advisory Fuel Rates for diesel and LPG cars from December 2018 HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has increased its mileage rates for diesel and LPG engined cars, while the rates for petrol engined and electric vehicles remain unchanged, in the latest quarterly Advisory Fuel Rates. Under the new AFR rates, which are effective for the three months from December 1, there are no changes to the rates for petrol cars, but the rate for diesel cars, with an engine above 2.0 litres, increases by 1p per mile (ppm), from 13ppm to 14ppm. All other diesel rates remain unchanged. There is also a 1ppm increase for LPG vehicles with an engine of 1.4 litres or less, from 7ppm to 8ppm, and for [...]

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Road Safety Week – Services To Improve Fleet Safety

Fleet Management Services To Improve Fleet Safety In our first blog post promoting Brake’s Road Safety Week (19th to 25th November), we shared a wide range of  resources to improve fleet safety that looked at everything from avoiding fatigue, to winter driving, to tyre safety – here’s a link if you missed it. In this post we’ll look at some of the services available from fleet management companies that can help to keep all of your road users mobile and safe. We’ll kick off with the item that’s fundamental to all aspects of successful fleet management, the fleet policy. Fleet Policy Review With the rapid changes we have seen in the fleet world over the last couple of years, it’s [...]

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The Gig Economy Explained

The Gig Economy Explored What is the ‘gig economy’? The ‘gig economy’ has become the go-to phrase for journalists and other commentators in recent years in describing the changing nature of working practices. In fact, its broad use has sparked some debate within the corridors of power about exactly what the term means and when it should be applied. When commissioning a major piece of research into the size and scope of the gig economy earlier this year, the Government fixed upon the following definition: ‘The gig economy involves the exchange of labour for money between individuals or companies via digital platforms that actively facilitate matching between providers and customers, on a short-term and payment by task basis.’ This definition [...]

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