Autumn Driving: Tips and advice for driving at this time of year

How Autumn Affects Typical Driving Conditions Autumn has arrived and the clocks will be soon going back to mark the start of the winter season.  This time of year brings many changes for road users, from dazzlingly blinding sunlight to the first icy windscreen of the season. Autumn is particularly bad for dazzle from low sun.  However, drivers can improve their vision by making sure that the windscreen is clean - inside and out - as a hazy film builds up on the inside surface over time. At the same time, make sure you check the condition of the screen as scratches, abrasions and chips on the outside can intensify the sun's dazzle too, and may require remedial treatment, [...]

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Warning Over risk Relating To Early MOT Failures

Warning over risk relating to early MOT failures Drivers could face fines even with a valid MOT certificate Drivers risk being fined and prosecuted if their vehicle fails its MOT test, even though they have a current certificate that has not expired. Many drivers follow the practice of putting their car in for an early MOT to find out if any faults need repairing, in the belief that, even if it fails, they can still use the vehicle until the old test runs out. However, legally this is not the case and, if their car fails, it is immediately deemed to be no longer roadworthy, regardless of how long there is still left to run on the MOT certificate. What [...]

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Emergency assistance technology leads to drink driving arrest

‘Smart’ car catches out drunken driver following crash Emergency assistance technology leads to drink driving arrest Just how ‘smart’ are modern cars? Smart enough to inadvertently tip off police about a drink driver following a crash, it appears. The incident happened in Northern Ireland and involved a Ford Fiesta.  After the car was involved in a crash late one Saturday night, the car contacted police to report the incident, using the inbuilt emergency assistance communications feature within. A Facebook post from the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: “Some cars these days are pretty clever. Did you know that some can even phone police automatically to let us know you’ve crashed? That’s a really good safety feature. “It is however [...]

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New Emissions-based T-Charge for Central London

New Emissions-based T-Charge for Central London A new £10 per day emissions- based surcharge, called the T-Charge, comes into effect from October 23 2017 within the central London congestion charge zone, aimed at deterring older, more polluting vehicles. The new T-charge applies to many categories of vehicle, both petrol and diesel, that do not meet the minimum Euro IV emission standards, including cars, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and HGVs, motorised caravans and horseboxes, breakdown and recovery vehicles, private ambulances, motor hearses, dual purpose vehicles and other specialist vehicle types. Motorcycles are not subject to the T-Charge, but motorised tricycles and quadricylces are, while vehicles with nine or more seats that are currently registered for a discount or are exempt from [...]

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HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates

Four changes to HMRC’s Advisory Fuel Rates for September HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced four changes to its Advisory Fuel Rates for the next quarter, which take effect from September 1 2017. Diesel engined cars over 2000cc see their rates fall from 13p to 12p, while LPG cars with similar sized engines see their rates fall from 14p to 13p per mile. At the same time, the rates for petrol and LPG cars between 1401cc and 2000cc also fall by 1p to 13p and 8p respectively. All other rates are unchanged. The rates are as follows for the period from September 1: Engine size Petrol LPG 1400cc or less 11p 7p 1401cc to 2000cc 13p 8p Over 2000cc [...]

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Your Licence – Your Responsibility

Drivers’ Responsible For Updating Driving Licence Details Moving house is stressful enough, but forgetting to update your driving licence details as a result could prove more stressful still, with fines of up to £1,000 for drivers who forget to advise the DVLA of their new home address. Updating licence information with details such as a new address can be carried out simply online via the website at It doesn’t cost anything to change your address with the DVLA and you can still drive while you’re waiting for your new licence to arrive. At the same time, advising your employer of your new address is essential to comply with employment and HR guidelines. If you drive a leased company [...]

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The do’s and don’ts of driving abroad

What to do if you are taking your car or van abroad For those company drivers thinking of taking their company car or van abroad, or for those thinking of hiring a car while overseas, there are some clear do's and don’ts if you are to have a safe and, above all, legal trip. Taking a leased vehicle abroad Where the vehicle is leased, a Letter of Authority and a Vehicle on Hire certificate (VE103) are required from the leasing company to provide permission to take the car out of the country. Letters of Authority and the form VE103 will typically need to be applied for at least fourteen days before the departure date to give the leasing company time to raise [...]

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New Tougher Speeding Fines Come Into Force

Drivers To Be Hit By Higher Charges For Breaking The Speed Limit From today, Monday April 24, drivers who flout the speed limit will face much tougher penalties for breaking the law. Under the new rules, drivers caught for the most serious cases of speeding could be fined one and a half times their weekly take-home pay. So a driver earning £50,000 a year could pay up to £1,500 for travelling at 41mph in a 20mph limit.   What do the current rules say? Currently, the minimum penalty for speeding if caught by a police officer in person is a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) with a £100 fine and three penalty points added to your driving licence, while the maximum [...]

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Tips For Greener Driving

6 Top Fleet Management Tips for Earth Day Be kind to the planet by conserving fuel and cutting emissions Nations around the world are celebrating World Earth Day this Saturday with a variety of events to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Every year, more than one billion people across the world mark the event by holding festivals, rallies and outdoor events in nearly 200 countries - often with the support of A-list celebrities and political leaders. Here at CLM Fleet Management we thought we’d share some tips on how fleet owners and drivers can take proactive steps to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles by reducing fuel consumption and thus cut planet-harming emissions of CO2. 1Cut Fuel Consumption   Fuel consumption [...]

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