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Diesel Slump Continues

New Car Sales Market Continues to Slide The UK car sales market is still shrinking. Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have confirmed the damage year on year. Total new car sales are down to 2.37 million, equivalent to a 6.8% drop over the previous 12 months. Diesel hit Worst hit was diesel; the fuel type saw a 29.6% fall in 2018, that volume loss is equivalent to around 180% of the market's drop. December also marked the 21st month that diesel sales were down. The 'dirty diesel' wheels keep on turning, not helped by the lack of clarity from government and car manufacturers alike. This withdrawal from diesel is no doubt going to harm [...]

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Cost Effective Vehicle Leasing

We Compare the Long and Short-term Leasing Options The cost-effectiveness of leasing a vehicle largely depends on who you lease it from, the terms of the agreement and what you compare it to. Leasing a vehicle Leasing a vehicle can have significant advantages over outright purchase, not the least of which is that large amounts of capital don’t have to be committed and can be preserved for other uses. Budgeting is easy, as the payments should remain the same throughout the term of the agreement. There are other considerations, however. Long-term leases Traditional leasing agreements usually run for a minimum of two years, most often three and sometimes four years or longer. When you have known vehicle and accounting [...]

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Fleet Predictions for 2019

The Fleet Agenda for 2019 2018 was seen as a year of unprecedented change and uncertainty in the fleet world. Many will be hoping that that the beginning of the new year marks a change in that climate and a return to some level of stability and normality. In this post we take a look at the key topics and issues that are likely to characterise 2019 for fleet operators, and whether this year will prove any less challenging.  Brexit One topic that could impact on almost all areas of UK business life, including fleet provision, is Brexit. While the uncertainty of 2018 continues unabated, there are a number of things that fleet decision-makers can and should be considering [...]

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Speed Limits on Smart Motorways

Beware of Speeding on Smart Motorways Word is that, from midnight on the 8th January 2019, all of the Active Traffic Management (ATM) system cameras that monitor speeding on the M1 and M25 motorways will become live. Not a problem, you might think, and if you keep to the speed limits it probably won’t be. However, if you tend to exceed the limit a bit – or a lot – beware and read on! One thing to remember is that the cameras are on all the time - 24/7 -  not just when a lower speed than the national limit is showing on the gantry. They don't necessarily flash either. The ATM incorporates an automatic ticket generating system. This will [...]

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Short Term Vehicle Rental

Short Term Vehicle Hire Could it work for your business? Businesses of all sizes often require extra vehicles to meet a range of short term needs. Short term vehicle hire can be the perfect answer as it provides access to a wide range of brand new vehicles at competitive rates, without long-term commitments or upfront investment. Why do businesses need additional vehicles? Businesses may have short-term vehicle needs for a variety of different reasons: When new starters join the company and are not eligible to receive a company car immediately, perhaps because they are undergoing a probationary period If the company is awarded a special, short-term project which requires additional staffing and mobility levels, for example. That means more staff [...]

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Road Safety Week – Services To Improve Fleet Safety

Fleet Management Services To Improve Fleet Safety In our first blog post promoting Brake’s Road Safety Week (19th to 25th November), we shared a wide range of  resources to improve fleet safety that looked at everything from avoiding fatigue, to winter driving, to tyre safety – here’s a link if you missed it. In this post we’ll look at some of the services available from fleet management companies that can help to keep all of your road users mobile and safe. We’ll kick off with the item that’s fundamental to all aspects of successful fleet management, the fleet policy. Fleet Policy Review With the rapid changes we have seen in the fleet world over the last couple of years, it’s [...]

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Road Safety Week 2018 – Part 4

Cycling Safety in the UK Road Safety Week 2018 Taking place between November 19th and November 25th 2018, Road Safety Week is an annual event organised by road safety charity Brake. In this article, guest blogger Suki Chana, shares some top tips for safe cycling and how to safely share the roads with cyclists. Aiming to promote road safety awareness within the UK, many businesses, communities, and schools all play their part with a series of talks, demonstrations, and more taking place over the course of the week. The event has one goal in mind – improving the safety of all road users in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents on UK roads. In 2018, the theme is based [...]

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Road Safety Week – Part 3

Sharing The Streets: A Pedestrian And Motorist’s View Continuing our series of  posts for Brake’s Road Safety Week, guest blogger Duncan Bridge comments on the challenges of walking, running and driving in a busy city. I have been living back in London for almost a year now, after an absence of just over a decade. To say that the streets have changed dramatically in that time would be an exaggeration – the place has been overcrowded and the roads clogged with drivers and pedestrians for longer than I can remember – but there are some subtle differences that make getting around just that little bit more challenging. Maybe it’s my older eyes but the streetscape today seems so much more complex [...]

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Road Safety Week – Part 2

Vulnerable Road Users: Horse Riders Road Safety Week 2018 In this second article in support of  Brake’s Road Safety Week, Catherine Dawson explains road use as a horse rider - and the challenges when meeting other road users, in particular those on two wheels. Very few riders would choose to ride on a road if they didn’t have to – I certainly wouldn’t. Horse riding on the road can be challenging at best and extremely hazardous at worst. There are very few country lanes which aren’t busy with traffic these days and it seems that a lot of drivers don’t know quite what to do when they come upon someone riding on the road, so they just drive as normal. There [...]

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