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ANPR – Parking Your Car – Beware!

Potential Issues with ANPR Car Parks Everything seems to have ‘smart’ technology involved with it these days. Driving in particular has seen huge changes, with complex, smart motorways becoming more and more prevalent. Now, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is in use in car parks all over the country, in retail parks, supermarkets and privately-owned car parks. Although it should theoretically be fool-proof and fair, some drivers find that there are problems with the system which can cost them dearly in both time and money. What is ANPR? ANPR technology is based on the use of CCTV cameras to monitor the arrival and exit of cars, using photos of their registration plates. Combined with the purchase of a timed [...]

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Safe Driving in Fog

Your Guide to Safe Driving in Fog When it comes to driving in fog, there are several things that you need to consider to keep yourself and those around you safe. Using your lights correctly is just one of them, as they not only light up the road ahead, they also allow you to remain visible to other road users too. However, a lot of people get the use of fog lights wrong . This leads to unnecessary accidents being caused, as well as  fines from the police for not following the correct procedures as set out by the Highway Code. Safe driving in fog is something that can challenge even the most experienced drivers. So, you’ll need to [...]

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Fleet Procurement

Unpacking the Complexity of Fleet Procurement If you were asked about fleet procurement, the subject that’s likely to be in the front of your mind is the process of negotiating the best possible deal on vehicles. While that is certainly an important part of the story, the scope of fleet procurement is far wider. At the highest level, fleet procurement can be categorised into two areas of activity – development of the fleet procurement strategy and activating this strategy to get the best outcomes for the business. We’ll look at these two areas in detail. Setting the right fleet procurement strategy This is where the underlying work is done to ensure that future fleet procurement decisions are based on [...]

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New Driving Laws for 2019

Changes You Need to Know to Avoid Penalties After driving for years, it is easy to think that the laws on the road are the same today as they were when you first passed your test. However, updates to the Highway Code, new driving laws and changes to MOT certification can mean that your thinking is out of date. It is a driver’s responsibility to review the Highway Code regularly to ensure that they are always aware of any changes in the law or other guidelines – how long has it been since you picked up a copy? Changes made midway through 2018 and in force now in early 2019 may have been missed. To help, we have this [...]

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2019 Fleet Cars

New Fleet Cars to Look Out For in 2019 A new year always brings new metal to drive, but there are extra criteria to think about in 2019. The wonderfully snappily-named Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) comes into full force this year. This is the name for the EU's new fuel efficiency ratings for all petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid cars and will need consideration when choosing fleet cars. With no word on company car tax changes until spring, we’re going to put the focus on lowest emission vehicles first and look at what could well be great new fleet cars this year. Peugeot 508 The new super saloon from Peugeot has been winning awards left, right and [...]

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Tightening of Congestion Charge Standards

Cleaner Vehicle Discount to Replace Ultra Low Emission Discount From April 8th 2019, there will be significant changes to the permitted emissions standards in London.  The Ultra-Low Emission Discount will be replaced by the tighter Cleaner Vehicle Discount in the central London Congestion Charge zone. This could impact significantly on owners of vehicles which don’t meet the Euro 6 emissions standards. Alongside these measures, exemptions currently applied to private hire vehicles in the zone will be removed. Background The Congestion Charge was introduced 15 years ago, in an attempt to combat the rising levels of vehicle volume and pollution on London’s inner-city streets. The problems of jammed roads and toxic air go hand in hand, so an initiative like the Congestion [...]

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Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics Help Fleets Manage More Precisely Used correctly, fleet telematics can help fleet operators run their vehicles in a more precise, carefully targeted way that brings a range of benefits. These include: reduced carbon footprint improved fuel consumption more efficient route planning fewer accidents. Add to that impressive list other features such as predictive servicing, enhanced maintenance management and faster error reporting and it’s little wonder that telematics has grown so dramatically in recent years, especially with fleets of light commercial vehicles (LCVs). What is fleet telematics? Telematics technology monitors a wide range of data relating to an individual vehicle or an entire fleet. Telematics systems gather information including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, [...]

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WLTP: Impacts on Company Car Taxation

WLTP in Context The Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) regime is in motion. The assumption is that WLTP should far better represent everyday driving profiles and, hence, elicit more accurate CO₂ values. This is backed by the UK Government, which contends that the WLTP will help reduce the current gap of around 40% that exists between the former lab-generated New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) results and actual emissions. This test should result in a higher g/km CO₂ value for a given vehicle compared to the former NEDC regime, simply because the WLTP is far more rigorous than the former test. WLTP and Company Car Tax The UK Government announced in its 2017 Autumn Budget that cars registered [...]

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Diesel Slump Continues

New Car Sales Market Continues to Slide The UK car sales market is still shrinking. Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have confirmed the damage year on year. Total new car sales are down to 2.37 million, equivalent to a 6.8% drop over the previous 12 months. Diesel hit Worst hit was diesel; the fuel type saw a 29.6% fall in 2018, that volume loss is equivalent to around 180% of the market's drop. December also marked the 21st month that diesel sales were down. The 'dirty diesel' wheels keep on turning, not helped by the lack of clarity from government and car manufacturers alike. This withdrawal from diesel is no doubt going to harm [...]

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