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Fleet Management – How To Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles

Fleet Management - How To Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles Managing a company’s fleet of vehicles is a challenging task, demanding several different skill-sets and disciplines, and requiring the ability to assess and react to a whole range of data and feedback from vehicles and drivers alike. Many companies these days prefer to outsource their fleet management function to a firm of fleet management specialists because of the increased complexity surrounding the legal and operational aspects of their fleet. The case for inhouse or external fleet management Traditionally, many companies have relied on an inhouse fleet or transport department comprising a fleet manager and several fleet administrators – depending on the scale of the job – to tackle the management [...]

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Confusion Leads To Companies Delaying Purchase Decisions

Confusion Leads To Companies Delaying Purchase Decisions At CLM, we have seen many organisations struggling to get to grips with the everyday practicalities of running their fleet in the midst of the current debate and the rising confusion levels over the most appropriate fuel types and CO2 emission levels. Conflicting messages about the future of diesel, rising CO2 levels under the new WLTP emissions test and contradictory advice on how and when to introduce alternative fuel vehicles are all combining to delay companies from making new vehicle purchasing decisions. When you’re trying to make sensible decisions about managing costs, keeping the business mobile and helping drivers to reduce their tax burden, it’s not helpful to have so much noise and [...]

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CLM Reappointed by AGA Rangemaster

Fleet Management Excellence Lures Top Kitchen Manufacturer Back CLM had previously managed AGA's fleet for over a decade After two years elsewhere, AGA Rangemaster has now re-appointed CLM as its fleet management provider. The UK manufacturer of cast iron range cookers, kitchen appliances and sinks, based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire operates a fleet of mainly job need cars for its sales force as well as some management cars. The majority diesel fleet, comprised of vehicles from Skoda, Kia, Volvo and Audi, is funded through contract hire. Under the renewed relationship, we will be looking to bring down acquisition costs by employing competitive tendering through our Smartpanel fleet funding system using a mix of four different leasing companies, as well as [...]

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Fleet Risk Assessment | Do You Need One?

Do You Need To Conduct A Fleet Risk Assessment? To manage the risk associated with the operation of the company vehicle fleet and meet their duty of care obligations, businesses need to ensure that their drivers are adequately educated, insured, safe and aware of dangers while out on the road. Every business has a duty to make sure that its workplace is safe and to prevent risks to the health of its employees, and the definition of ‘workplace’ extends to the company vehicles that employees drive on business. Therefore, businesses should regularly carry out a fleet risk assessment to ensure that, in using their company vehicles, they are compliant with the law and are meeting their duty of care and [...]

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HMRC To Introduce Advisory Fuel Rates For 100% Electric Cars

100% Advisory Fuel Rate Introduced For Electric Cars HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is to introduce an Advisory Fuel Rate (AFR) for 100% electric cars from September 1 this year of 4p per mile, following pressure from the fleet industry. The new Advisory Electricity Rate will be published alongside AFRs for petrol, diesel and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cars and, as before, will be based on engine size. However, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars will continue to be treated as either petrol or diesel models for mileage reimbursement purposes, and will not have their own AFR, despite the industry also lobbying for their introduction. What are Advisory Fuel Rates? AFRs apply where employers reimburse employees for business travel in their [...]

Electric Vehicle Movement Gathers Momentum

The 'Road to Zero Strategy' And Electric Vehicles The movement towards the electrification of UK motoring has gathered momentum, following details of the government’s ‘Road to Zero Strategy’ and the acquisition of leading charging provider, Chargemaster, by oil giant BP. What is the ‘Road to Zero’ strategy? As part of moves towards the planned ban of all non-hybrid petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, the government’s ‘Road to Zero Strategy’ targets 50-70% of new cars sold annually to fall into the Ultra Low Emissions (ULEV) category by 2030 (a 10-year earlier deadline). Recognising advancements in technology, the government says that within three years (that is from 2021), it expects to define an ULEV as a car or van that emits [...]

GDPR Brings Changes To Licence Checking Rules

GDPR And What It Means For Fleet Driver Licence Checks You will probably have been living in a cave if you haven’t heard of or received emails about the new European data protection legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which came into force on May 25 2018. One of the consequences of the new legislation, amongst a whole host of new outcomes, is the need for company car drivers to sign new driver licence-checking consent forms. GDPR requires businesses to comply with new privacy regulations and one of the areas affected is that of driver consent forms. Supplied by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), they permit third-party companies, including employers, rental and licence checking companies, to [...]

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Diesel Debate Gets More Complex

A Fascinating Picture Is Emerging In The Debate On The Future Of Diesel Fuelled Vehicles The huge drop in the volume of diesel car registrations this year mirrors the findings from CLM’s own research*, in which just over 67% of drivers stated that they were unlikely to choose a diesel as their next car. However, the announcement of new engine technologies that dramatically reduce harmful diesel engine emissions, the legacy of two decades of massive growth in the volume of diesel cars on the UK’s roads, and its continuing importance in the LCV market, mean that reports of the fuel’s imminent death may be premature. Bosch dramatically cuts diesel NOx emissions Engine parts manufacturer Bosch, claims it has achieved a breakthrough [...]

Fuel Prices Suffer Record Rise In May – What To To Next?

UK Drivers Facing Record Fuel Price Increases Prices at UK fuel pumps suffered a record 6p a litre rise in May, following their highest increase in 16 months, and are hovering at near four year highs. The price rises have been fuelled by rising global oil prices caused by political tensions around the world which has seen oil hit as high as $76 a barrel. Both unleaded petrol and diesel rose by around 6p per litre in May, according to the RAC’s Fuel Watch service – the sharpest rise in 18 years. Diesel increased by 6.12p – from 126.27p to 132.39p – the second worst rise since the start of 2000. As a result the cost of a tank of [...]

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