Winter Weather Fleet Policy

Bad Weather Reinforces The Need For Sound Fleet Policy For most of the UK winter has now arrived, bringing with it more challenging travelling conditions. Significant storms, like those we witnessed last year, prevent many workers from being able to report for work, creating significant declines in revenue for the duration of the bad weather, or even for a longer period of time. For example, breakdown company, Green Flag, reported that, in one particularly bad wintry week a few years ago, over 8.5 million or 18% of British adults were unable to work their contracted hours because of the adverse weather, costing employers an estimated £318 million in lost productivity. What should businesses do in extreme weather? For many [...]

December 1st, 2019|Categories: Fleet|

Download Guide: Winter Driving

Winter Driving Tips For Keeping Safe On The Road With dark mornings and nights and wintery weather conditions, fleet managers and company vehicle drivers need to keep in mind the ‘dos and don’ts’ of winter driving. So, with this is mind, we have created the following winter driving tips as a reminder of the added perils on our roads at this time of year.  We've also created a PDF guide which you can download, keep and share - click here for your copy. We’ve noticed an increase in the use of the latest technology in favour of driving long distances for face-to-face business meetings at this time of year. And arguably the safest and most environmentally sustainable approach to winter driving [...]

November 29th, 2019|Categories: Driving|

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates

Advisory Fuel Rates for December 2019 HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has updated its Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) from 1 December. Under the new guidance, petrol and most diesel engines rates are unchanged. Only diesel vehicles under 1600cc see a change, with a rate decrease of a penny a mile. LPG vehicles see a rate increase of one penny per mile for the under 1400cc bracket, the other classifications are unchanged. The advisory electricity rate (AER) first introduced in September 2018 for plug-in electric cars remains unchanged at 4ppm. The AFR changes are relevant as the company car advisory fuel rates are used by organisations to reimburse drivers for fuel used in incurring business, rather than private mileage. Companies can [...]

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The Future of Business Mobility

What does ‘Mobility as a Service’ mean for fleets? The notion of a service that brings together multiple forms of transport to provide the best solution for any given journey has been around for more than a decade. In the fleet world it often carried the label ‘total mobility solution’, but it’s only with recent advances in technology that this concept has started to become a reality. The terminology used most frequently today to describe these services is ‘Mobility as a Service’ or MaaS, and, if you take a look at the make-up of these services it’s easy to see why it has taken such a long time for mobility solutions of this type to find their way to [...]

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Road Safety Week

‘Step Up for Safe Streets!’ Every year the road safety charity Brake coordinates Road Safety Week, the UK’s biggest annual road safety event. In 2019, the event runs from 18th – 24th November and the theme is Step Up for Safe Streets, particularly aimed at making the streets safer for all users. Brake say that somebody is killed or badly injured on a British road every 20 minutes and that these tragic accidents are all preventable. Designing our roads and vehicles with ‘Safe Systems’ to stop human error causing deaths is one of the main points raised by Brake. They say that safety systems and technology are now available to be used in vehicles and on our road networks. [...]

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Road Rage

Is Driver Aggression on the Increase? No one would deny that the pace of living gets ever faster. We’re rushed, stressed, harried and constantly pushed by our busy lives to do better, faster. This state of affairs impacts on all the areas of our day, from work to home-life and everywhere in between, potentially resulting in exhaustion, frayed tempers and rocketing frustration levels. So, it’s hardly surprising to read in the RAC motoring association’s latest report that road rage is at an all-time high. What is road rage? Wikipedia sums up the definition of road rage very nicely: ‘Road rage is aggressive or angry behaviour exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle. These behaviours include rude and offensive gestures, verbal insults, [...]

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Mini-lease – Long Term Business Car Hire That Adapts To You

Mini-lease - Long Term Business Car Hire That Adapts To You Lease a business car for up to 12 months For businesses that want to hire their vehicles for months as opposed to days or years, Mini-lease is the ideal solution. You can hire a vehicle for six months instead of three years if that makes more sense for your business or your drivers. Best solution for long term car rental Shorter than a conventional company car lease, but longer and less expensive than daily rental, Mini-lease is a form of long term car rental available for contracts such as three, six or 12 months. A Mini-lease solution bridges the mobility gap between daily rental and longer-term contract hire [...]

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Not So Smart After All?

Dynamic Smart Motorways Building to be Stopped Certain motorways, called dynamic smart motorways, allow the hard shoulder to be used as a running lane in times of high congestion. The function was introduced in a bid to ease traffic flow, without having the expense of widening the roads to add another lane. However, it’s been revealed by Highways England that this arrangement is ‘too complicated for people to use’ and no more roads will have this measure applied to them. What is a smart motorway? A smart motorway involves the use of a system of sensors, cameras and overhead gantries which can monitor the volume and flow of traffic.  The computerised system controls this flow by means of instructions [...]

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Putting the Clocks Back

Does it Mean More Car Accidents? Cooler days and chilly nights tell us that we’re heading for winter again, but the real confirmation is when the clocks go back in October every year and suddenly make the afternoons darker earlier. Putting the clocks back an hour to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from British Summer Time (BST) might not seem to make much difference to life in general, apart from potentially gaining an hour in bed! However, a report from the RAC Foundation research organisation says differently. It reveals that an average of 278 more drivers are likely to have a car accident in the two weeks following the time change. Research into driving accidents The study is based on [...]

October 22nd, 2019|Categories: Driving, Fleet|
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