Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles and, in particular, electric vehicles are regularly in the news. Manufacturers are investing billions into the development of new model ranges, and new alternative fuel vehicle registrations are growing. 

If you are considering how alternative fuel vehicles could work for your business, check out our series of guides that will give you a great starting point in understanding what the pros and cons could be.

We’ve also been researching the attitudes of drivers towards these vehicles and the new technology over a 12 month period – discover the findings in our report below:

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Report | Driver Attitudes to Changing Technology 2019

CLM has been busy discovering what everyday motorists really think about AFVs. We have conducted an in-depth research programme into the level of awareness of these vehicles, the amount of knowledge that drivers have about the different types of technology and what factors might encourage or dissuade them from choosing an AFV for their next car. This report brings together key findings from the responses of over 500 individuals and is essential reading for anyone making decisions about AFVs as part of their fleet strategy.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Research Report
Guide to driving an alternative fuel vehicle

Getting the Most out of Alternative Fuel Vehicles | A Guide for Driving AFVs

While those new to AFVs will need to adapt their driving style to get the best out of their new vehicle, they’re also likely to have some new technology to get to grips with. Some of this technology is only found on vehicles with some form of electrification, but other new features are shared across modern petrol and diesel models too.


Alternative Fuel Vehicles, The Future of Driving | A Guide for Fleet Decision-makers

This part of our series looks at drivers’ current attitudes towards AFVs and some of the key factors that could help to increase consideration of these vehicles:

  • Existing levels of knowledge and consideration
  • Fuel costs for private mileage
  • Vehicle performance
  • Journey range
  • Vehicle charging
  • Fleet policy considerations and tools
Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles | The Future of Driving
Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

What’s Happening in the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Space? A CLM Guide for Fleet Decision Makers

If you are considering how AFVs could work for your business, this series of guides will give you a great starting point in understanding what the pros and cons could be. In this first guide we look specifically at:

  • The growth in AFV registrations and the factors driving the increased uptake
  • A guide to the different engine technologies available
  • The factors to consider before including AFVs on your fleet choice list

Electric vehicles are a hot topic at the moment and forecast to grow rapidly. In this short video, we summarise some of our research, covering:

  • What are the different types of alternative fuel vehicle?
  • How many models are currently available?
  • The electric car charging infrastructure
  • What drivers think about alternative fuel vehicles?
  • The views of company car drivers towards these vehicles
  • Pros and cons of alternative fuel vehicles
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