CLM Accident Management Services

clm accident management

* 95% of claimed costs recovered * Most claims resolved in less than 90 days

Put your fleet in safe hands

Safe, experienced, efficient and ever-so helpful hands that are driven to getting your team back on the road, and your claim processed (almost) as fast as you can say “rear view mirror”.

Our simple approach to fleet accident management means we can reduce the repairs process to an average of 14 days off the road and most uninsured loss claims are resolved in less than 90 days. Not only that, but you’ll save costs too.

Peace of mind in just one call

As soon as we’re told about an accident, our experienced team of accident claims handlers, insurance experts and engineers start working to get your driver back on the road quickly and smoothly.

We’ll arrange recovery, onward travel and start the claims and repair process. It goes without saying that we’ll monitor progress as part of our overall fleet accident management services – right up until the vehicle is returned to your driver and the claim is complete.

Our one-call approach to car accident management means we’ll get your claim resolved quicker. No more lengthy follow-up calls and no more tedious form-filling. We’ll take care of all of that.

Right at the outset, our team asks everything required to start the claim, whilst our bespoke online claims system automatically creates a Motor Insurance Notification.

Most insurers accept our Motor Insurance Notification within two hours and repairs are usually authorised within four hours of estimates being received by the engineering team.

We’ll get any uninsured losses sorted quickly too. Starting the Uninsured Loss Recovery process at the same time means we cut the time to reclaim costs such as repairs, replacement vehicles, storage and other out-of-pocket expenses.

If the third-party is uninsured or untraceable, we’ll manage litigation with the Motor Insurers Bureau.

And, of course, if your driver is liable for claims from other parties, our fleet incident management team will keep costs to a minimum and reduce exposure to litigation.

Reasons to use CLM Accident Management Services

Accidents happen. And when they do you can count on us.

Every day our team of accident management experts helps get vehicles repaired, drivers back on the road and claims managed quickly and efficiently.

  • 24/7 service

Call us whenever you need. Our round-the-clock accident management service makes no distinction between in-hours and out-of-hours. After all, accidents can happen at any time.

  • We’ll drive down costs

Fast, cost-effective repairs, efficient and thorough claims management systems and reduced downtime all result in significant overall cost-savings for your business.

  • We’ll keep your drivers moving

Getting your drivers back on the road quickly is our priority. Mobile repairs aim to repair the vehicle the same day. If it can’t be fixed roadside, our onward travel and hire services will keep your driver moving.

  • Like-for-like hire

For drivers where vehicle specification is important, our like-for-like non-fault hire provision means that where your drivers are not at fault, we’ll provide a replacement vehicle of equivalent status or functionality.

  • Quality repairs – guaranteed

We only ever use industry accredited repairers, we monitor the quality of repairs rigorously and we audit our repairers on a scheduled and unannounced basis. We’re so confident in the quality of our repairs that they are guaranteed for three years and are transferable to new vehicle owners.

  • Best service and price

All of our repair partners work to pre-agreed rates, devised following extensive market testing and benchmarking, so we know that you’ll always get good value. Plus, our in-house engineers scrutinise every repair methodology and estimate to ensure the very best service at the very best price is always delivered.

  • Nationwide coverage for fleet accident support wherever you need it

We’ve got an extensive, nationwide network of mobile repairers and fixed body shops so wherever you are, we are too.

  • We’ll help you track and monitor claims

Our online accident management reports, including pictures of damage and a breakdown of costs, mean you can easily monitor live repairs and claims, as well as keep track of all claims to date. There’s also an engineer savings report and an Uninsured Loss Recovery report so you can check how much our claims handlers have been able to recover from non-fault accidents.

  • Stay in control

We’ll help you keep track of your fleet’s accidents and identify driver training needs via clear online reports. Track the most common types of accidents, causes and fault reasons, the numbers involved, their costs and the drivers involved.

  • Easy pricing

Choose whether to pay up front monthly per vehicle, or per incident.

And that’s not all…

We’re driven by simplicity, so we’ll never use gobbledegook and we’ll never over-complicate things.

And of course, because it’s often so much easier to talk things through, you’ll always be able to chat to one of our friendly experts based here in the UK. And yes, by chat, we mean proper talking, on the phone, not just an anonymous online ‘live chat’.

Think safe hands. Think smarter.

Accident management

Here’s a checklist for your and your team should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

Contact us today to chat about your accident management requirements and find out how we can help keep your fleet on the road.