August 19, 2022

5 tips for drivers this summer holiday…

UK Drivers are preparing for disruptions with the transport network this summer holiday. This is due to the combination of holiday traffic, festivals and events, rail strikes, extreme weather conditions and the impact Covid-19 is still having on businesses, in particular some of the UK’s largest breakdown organisations.

CLM Fleet Management are keen to work closely with our customers to mitigate any negative impact on drivers this summer. We can also work with your communication team to tailor safe summer driving messages should you need us too. (Please contact

Here are some top tips to consider before travelling:

  1. Allow plenty of time for delays. Set off as early as possible on your route. Check your route ahead for road works and closures, especially around events.
  2. Have breakdown cover info to hand. Make sure you have your details in place before setting off on your journey.
  3. Keep hydrated. In the event of hot weather, carry at least a litre of water for each passenger you have on board.
  4. Stay charged. Take a portable mobile phone charger with you to ensure you don’t run out of charge.
  5. Don’t drive tired. Fatigue can be as dangerous as drink-driving. If you feel tired on the road, pull over somewhere safe and take a short nap of up to 15 minutes or drink two cups of strong coffee. Avoid getting over tired in the first place by planning a 20-minute break into journeys of more than three hours.

If you are driving your car abroad this Summer, please see here: Driving Abroad: A CLM Guide